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SC PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT SRL is a company founded in 2008, recognised nationally and internationally!

PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT carries out its activity in the field of collecting, sorting and processing recyclable plastic, the main field being the production of recycled granules from high and low density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and polystyrene of acrylonitrile butadiene (ABS).

Over time, PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT expanded its activity both in terms of diversification of services and in term of locations, respectively the company's work points (now with two working points).

Currently, PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT company operates in the factory in Fierbinti Targ, Jud. Ialomita, a factory with a production capacity of approximately 4000 tons/month.

The mission of PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT is to respond to the demands of its clients through a management team made up of professionals in the field who are always ready to come up with solutions to solve activities related to recycling and recovery of recyclable plastic waste.

We are recycling plastic for a healthier planet

We collect, sort and process recyclable post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste. To make our planet healthier for us all.

Producing recycled plastic granules

We transform plastic into recycled granules made from polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

Professionalism & Personal Commitment

We respond promptly to the requirements of our clients through our management team made up of professionals in our field.


The Mission of Plastic Recycling Export

About us

We always find solutions for solving activities related to recycling and recovery of recyclable plastic waste.

-> Collecting post-industrial and post-consumer plastic recyclable waste;
-> Plastic waste sorting;
-> Chopping and washing plastic waste;
-> Thermal treatment of plastic waste, resulting in secondary raw material (granules);
-> Production of various foils and derivatives of granules such as polyethylene bags, covers, plastic bags, bags for household use, etc.
We, SC PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT SRL, are open to collaboration with other companies in production and distribution, our goal being to offer the most modern and qualitative waste processing services.



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PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT SRL is CERTIND certified, complying with the requirements:
SR EN ISO 9001:2015/ ISO 9001:2015
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SR EN ISO 14001:2015/ ISO 14001:2015
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Plastic Recycling Export

PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT este o companie infiintata in anul 2008, recunoscuta la nivel national si international. Activitatea se desfasoara in domeniul colectarii, sortarii si prelucarii deseurilor reciclabile din material plastic.


Calea Bucuresti nr 3, Sat Grecii de Jos, Oras Fierbinti Targ, Cod Postal 927118
0735 17 17 40

Detalii juridice

Cod unic de inregistrare: RO24272444
Registrul Comertului: J23/2388/2008

  • Sediu social: Str. Scolii nr. 4A, VOLUNTARI, ILFOV, ROMANIA