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PE regranules

Assorted PE films as input material to produce PE regranules. Our PE regranules are produced with assorted used films. The film waste is primarily waste, such as industrial, department store or commercial film, which can be assigned to the post consumer area.
We distinguish between different qualities, such as 99/1, 98/2 and 80/20 which are fed into our innovative sorting system. This results in sorted film bales, which we then make available to industry for the production of high-quality regranulates free of foreign substances.
PE recycling takes place in three steps:

Step 1: the film waste is sorted. Effective and efficient sorting of the films is one of the decisive steps for the production of clean, high-quality regranules free of foreign substances. The films are sorted into following categories:
LDPE film transparent, clean, free of label (to produce LDPE translucent CAT.I regranules).
LDPE film transparent, lightly dark (to produce LDPE translucent CAT. II regranules.)
LDPE film transparent, dark, or LDPE film transparent with label (to produce LDPE translucent CAT. III regranules)
LDPE film colored (to produce color LDPE regranules )
LLDPE films transparent (to produce LLDPE transparent regranules)
HDPE film (to produce HDPE regranules)
Foreign materials such as label, other polymers, wood, paper, metal (to be disposed as waste).
The sorted films are shredded separately according to above different categories. The flakes are washed with fresh water which is circulated in a closed loop. There are 5 washing steps with friction mechanism. The whole washing line is over 100 meter long. The flakes are clean and free of any foreign substances afterwards. This cleanliness guarantees the purity and the high quality of the regranules.
The washed clean flakes are conveyed to the extruder, where they are melted above temperature. It is then mixed with a screw. From here it goes on to filtration, where the other dirt particles are filtered out of the material. Afterwards, a kind of strand is obtained from which granulate grains are formed via a hot cut and cooling in water.
The regranules are packed into big bags. A sample is taken out of each big bag and labor tests are made. Each big bag is weighed and labelled with product name, weight, charge number and date of manufacturing.

PP regranules

ABS regranules

PS regranules

Plastic Recycling Export

PLASTIC RECYCLING EXPORT este o companie infiintata in anul 2008, recunoscuta la nivel national si international. Activitatea se desfasoara in domeniul colectarii, sortarii si prelucarii deseurilor reciclabile din material plastic.


Calea Bucuresti nr 3, Sat Grecii de Jos, Oras Fierbinti Targ, Cod Postal 927118
0735 17 17 40

Detalii juridice

Cod unic de inregistrare: RO24272444
Registrul Comertului: J23/2388/2008

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